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Big Pink!

3rd place winner at CVE Edmonton-2017!  A clean, refreshing, out of the ordinary Pink lemonade that is sure to make a big splash.  Big Pink is a smooth Max. VG blend of tart lemons and juicy ripe sweet strawberries.  This perfect balance of tart and sweet gives this vape an exceptional taste and mouth feel that is good for any time of day.

$29.99 – $64.99Java-Sauce--Devil's-Jolt

Devil’s Jolt

They say the devil plays on our vices and in this case we don’t mind getting played. A blend of fresh brewed roasted coffee with cream and the perfect amount of sugar, mixed with a sweet blend of tobacco. Devils Jolt is extremely smooth and packed with dynamic textured coffee layers accented with sweet tobacco. It is extremely pleasant on the tongue with no lingering aftertaste. People that typically don’t enjoy tobacco vapes are in love with this flavor.

Give in to your vices and enjoy Devils Jolt.


Dragon Slayer

A delightful blend of blueberry, raspberry, dragon fruit, with hints of other summer fruits make this an exceptional blend that will spur your imagination to dream of medieval quests of adventure and slaying dragons.

Do you dare to be the Dragon Slayer?

$19.99 – $64.99Java-Sauce--Guilty-Pleasure

Guilty Pleasure

Have you ever enjoyed a coffee with a fresh cinnamon bun or two? No need to feel ashamed when vaping Guilty Pleasure. A blend of fresh brewed roasted coffee with cream and the perfect amount of sugar, combined with a fresh from the oven cinnamon Danish. So good, and only gets better with increased wattage. Similar to Devils Jolt this is extremely smooth with dynamic and textured coffee layers saturated with fresh baked cinnamon danish. This vape leaves a pleasant cinnamon taste on the tongue with no coffee after taste that you will be sure to enjoy any time of day.

What’s your Guilty Pleasure?


Ice Shots

10ml bottle of Icy Cold goodness! Ice Shots is a concentrate of blended Peppermint, Menthol, and Koolada that can be added to any juice to give it that icy cold feel. It tastes like your favorite icy gum.


Melon Glory

This cloud blend is packed full of melon goodness that delivers a smooth blended melon inhale with a hint of citrus and watermelon in the exhale. This is one of our favorite recipes and is guaranteed to become an all-day vape among you and your friends. 30 PG – 70 VG available in 0, 3, 6, and 12 MG of nicotine.

$29.99 – $64.99R-and-C

R & C

Canada e Clouds is proud to present a true Canadian classic, Rye and Cola. This premium liquid is a true representation of a shot of rye poured over 3 ice cubes with a splash of cola.  A cold, bubbly inhale of cola, with a fresh rye exhale. Enjoy this flavour all day, in any environment. A perfect rendition of a timeless beverage that so many enjoy.

$19.99 – $64.99DFC--Smoky-Vanilla-Sky

Smoky Vanilla Sky

For those looking for a full bodied Canadian tobacco, with a delectable vanilla custard undertone, this is the vape for you. The perfect pairing of both these flavours makes for a very smooth vape, satisfying your dessert and tobacco cravings.


Vanilla Sky

A savoury custard blend that is sure to dazzle your taste buds. A rich vanilla custard with undertones of rich toffee and brown sugar. A pleasant vanilla inhale with a rich custard filled exhale. Come join us in the Vanilla Sky. Comes in a 60ml Chubby Gorilla bottle with nicotine variations of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg.


Big Peach

Our long awaited sequel to Big Pink. An out of the ordinary Peach Lemonade made from ripe peaches, tart lemons with just the right amount of sweetener. This Max VG blend will be sure to satisfy all your Peach cravings.



We are pleased to present the CVE Edmonton award winning “Green” from River City Vapes blended together with the legendary “Dragon Slayer” from Canada e-Clouds to create the ultimate summer vape.


Slayer Salt

Our top selling flavour Dragon Slayer; a blend of blueberry, raspberry, dragon fruit, along with hints of other summer fruits is now available in Salt Nic.

30ml bottles at 10 mg, 25mg, and 45mg.


Jade Salt


30ml bottles at 10 mg, 25mg, and 45mg.


Salty Smoky Vanilla Sky


30ml bottles at 10 mg, 25mg, and 45mg.


Salty Vanilla Sky


30ml bottles at 10 mg, 25mg, and 45mg.


Devil’s Jolt – Salt


30ml bottles at 10 mg, 25mg, and 45mg.


Guilty Pleasure – Salt


30ml bottles at 10 mg, 25mg, and 45mg.


Great Blue – Salt

How great, How blue, How beautiful, fresh ripened blueberries blended with rich creamy vanilla custard make this a sweet combination.


Snowball – Salt

Named after the Scottish dessert, snowball is a blend of coconut shavings covering the softest sweet marshmallow creamy centre. This is one of the best coconut dessert flavours we have ever tried.


So Meringue – Salt

A lemon meringue pie flavour so good it is virtually indistinguishable from those homemade pies’ grandma makes. A light flaky crust, with a tangy lemon filling, topped with a smooth creamy meringue.